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Asbestos Management Surveys

An asbestos management survey is a standard survey which is required to be carried out on any building which was built or refurbished prior to 2000. The purpose of the survey is to locate the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in a property and measure the risk of any being damaged or disturbed during typical use.

Asbestos register

The Management Survey forms the Asbestos Register and is the basis for the continued effective management of identified asbestos containing materials. Undertaking an asbestos management survey will likely involve some minor invasive work and cause some disturbance, the extent of which will fluctuate from premises to premises as it will depend on what is practical for each property. Upon the completion of your asbestos management survey, you will be presented with a detailed report which determines the location and properties of any asbestos found. Your report will also include a risk assessment which details the condition of identified ACMs and their ability to release fibres into the air if disturbed.
Sheffield Asbestos Surveys
Asbestos Management Surveys

Managing your ACMs

The asbestos management survey gives you a good indication of how you can manage ACMs going forward, as it identifies which materials will readily release airborne fibres if dislocated. An asbestos management programme covers only routine and simple maintenance work. When more extensive repairs or a refurbishment is planned, a pre-refurbishment asbestos survey is necessary.

Critical Information Regarding Asbestos in Properties

Asbestos can be contained within any building which was constructed before the year 2000, though it will only become an issue if the fibres of the ACMs are disturbed and they become airborne. Non-domestic buildings must undergo an asbestos survey and register; any identified ACMs must be managed and the register updated. Avoiding exposure to asbestos dust will protect inhabitants from related illnesses. If you are responsible for a commercial building but you fail to manage asbestos effectively, you could expose individuals to asbestos fibres, leading to prosecution and imprisonment. If you are responsible for a non-domestic property and require assistance from our highly trained and fully qualified asbestos management specialists, contact a member of the team at Sheffield Asbestos Surveys today.
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