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Re-Inspection Surveys

Any property which has previously been identified as containing asbestos-containing materials should be subject to a regular re-inspection survey. An experienced specialist should be contracted to re-inspect any property previously surveyed and update the information contained within the Asbestos Register which may be held electronically or as a hard copy.

Compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

If a re-inspection survey is the first instance of contact between you and Sheffield Asbestos Surveys, we will be happy to discuss your requirements, those of the property, and identify the frequency of visits and checks required. We can also handle discussions related to the property with HSE and ensure that you are compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Regular re-inspection surveys are required

The condition of asbestos-based products within a building needs to be inspected on a regular basis, and records must also be updated with the new findings. A re-inspection survey is an annual event and the timespan between each inspection must not exceed 12 months.

We Will:

Monitor ACMs in your building

The purpose of a re-inspection survey is to enable a competent person to monitor and keep an accurate record of the condition of previously identified ACMs in a building. It is possible for asbestos-containing products to deteriorate, weather or be damaged accidentally; in the event that ACMs are damaged, the risks associated with asbestos increase significantly.


Manage ACMs safely

Code of practise requires that the Asbestos Management Plan is reviewed every 6 months. The team at Sheffield Asbestos Surveys is here to ensure that your building is fully compliant. We will make certain that your updated survey report includes recent photographs of the materials and our recommendations regarding how to manage the materials safely.
Services offered by Sheffield Asbestos Surveys can be provided over any period of time. A long-term agreement with us will ensure budget certainty and compliancy information which will protect your investment.

If you would like to discuss your individual requirements or arrange a re-inspection survey with Sheffield Asbestos Surveys, please do not hesitate to contact us.